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Bidzina Savanelli, 2016, Creative Transformation of

Synergy and Homeostasis of the Nature in the Peaceful Development of Humankind.

Category: Physics, Human, Society, Rome, Italy, pages 437

Main themes: spiral motion space; timelessness of space and temporality of time; pure energy constancy, inconstancy and entropy of matter; order and disorder; “We Are Taught to Join the Universal Order of Orders.” Shota Rustaveli (XII c.); mathematical basics of normative order; male’s genetics, terrorism and bioethics; harmonization of natural and human sciences from the standpoint of “Quantum Cognition”; applicability of synergetic and homeostasis of the natural space to the human society and Statehood; rule of human rights law instead of rule of law; daylight energy instead of the solar energy, and prevention of environmental disorders.

Bidzina Savanelli, PhD., DR., Member of International Scientific Council of Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research, Scientific Coordinator and Editor in Chief of Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Rome, Italy.

“Bidzina Savaneli is recognized as an authority of the Philosophy of Law and founder of International Human Rights Education in Georgia. He was published the first Manual in the History of Georgia: Universal Human Rights Law.” Update, New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, March, 2003, p. 14.

“Universal Impact Factor. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. 2030–2117. Bidzina Savanelli. Universal Impact Factor 0.28210 for Year 2013. We Congratulate Your Extraordinary Achievement. Review Team. Universal Impact Factor”.

Who wants to buy the book can access to the Mediteranean Center of Social and Educational Research, Piazzale Aldo Motor 5, Cap. 00186, Rome, Italy. TEU Fax: 039 / 06929L3868. E-mail, Web: http: / /, or me:

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