Important Things You Should Check Before Buying Gold

India is a country of customs and traditions where everyone loves each other and celebrates all the festivals together. And, jewellery adds the real spark in these priceless occasions.

There are a lot of jewellery portals available in the market such as Online Silver Jewellery in India but gold jewellery is maintaining its own standard since ages and it is considered as the most popular metal in India.

Most of the people buy gold for the investment purpose and the remaining people buy it for various different purposes. Although it is a wonderful ornament with huge qualities, we need to be quite alert while purchasing it because there is always a weakness behind a strong market and we are here to guide you with the important things you should check before buying gold.

The Hallmark Sign

This is the biggest sign of gold purity and you should be aware of it. BIS Hallmark sign is the surety that the gold jewellery you have purchased or you are going to purchase is original and pure.

Whether you are purchasing the gold jewellery to wear or for investment purpose, make it done only after you check the BIS hallmark because this sign is the proof that your jewellery is made up of the best high-quality metals. Always approach the authorized jewellers to buy expensive jewellery and don’t forget to take the bill of your purchase.


Gold purity is an essential thing to check before purchasing any gold jewellery and normally we have karats to check the gold purity. As we all know pure gold is too soft to make ornaments hence, there is a mix of metals to make them hard and more durable.

Therefore, we have karats such as 22K & 24k that make sure the purity of the gold. These karats represent that the jewellery is made up of 75 percent pure gold and other metals like silver, copper & zinc are used 25 percent to give the jewellery a strong base. You can find out the karat information at the inner parts of the gold ornaments.

Gold Weight & Price

Do a short research on the current per gram gold rate before you go to buy the gold jewellery. You should know the exact weight of the gold used in your jewellery and you should also know the current per gram price of the gold.

To get the current per gram price of the gold, you can check more than one well known jewellery showrooms or you can also check rates on reliable websites like Online Gold Jewellery portals before making the purchase.

Check, whether all the information regarding the exact weight or the current per gram price of the gold is available in the bill or not. These details should be mentioned in the bill with valid certification.

So these were a few very important things you should check before buying gold if you really don’t want to compromise with the quality of your gold jewellery.