GOeureka, Serve You To Travel the World

Everybody love traveling, and many people have a dream to travel around the world. But there is some problem to book a hotel in the country they visited. Some problem is language differences, don’t know road to hotel and don’t know a good hotel. GOeureka will solve all your hotel problems. Use GOeureka will give you best hotel, best price and its easy to use. GOeureka connect to a great hotel around the world, like Hilton, Accorhotels, Ritz Carlton and another big hotel you can chose. You just chose country you visited or the name hotel GOeureka will give you list of best hotel you can chose.

GOeureka have many advantages, it will be your choice when you travelling around the world. The advantages is commission-free booking platform with supporting mobile application, Integration capabilities for hotel inventory and loyalty program, Re-booking feature for hotel rooms when rates are lowered, crypto-enable interoperability of loyalty point, white-labeled solution on the GOeureka platform that will allow hotel to maintain brand control, enabels transaction via cryptocureencies, access to 170000 hotels worldwide.


GOeureka have a great feature, this feature you wont get anywhere else, you just get feature in GOeureka. So what is Re-Booking Function? This picture will give you information

1. Customers search on GOeureka platform for their next hotel stay. Hotel information, booking rate and service are displayed. Interoperable re-booking feature are available to customers.

2. Hotel update their rates multiple times a day. GOeureka unique algorithm will automatically re-book existing customers booking. When the hotel reduce their rate you will get lowest price.

3. Costomer receives price drop notification and the differences is credited to back to the user account

I will give you an example: Joni booking a hotel for a 7 days and he get price $350 for a deluxe room. Re-booking algorithm always check for price drops. Two days later, the rate of the same room type is $300 so the room will automatically re-booked at the new rate of $300. Joni will get notification if he just save $50 on his booking. It is a great feature, you can get lowest price from room you are booked without must check it everyday.

Loyalti Program

GOeureka have a loyalty program. User will get this feature when they are booking a room. The loyalty program will send to GO Platform user. In case you can see this picture

Bob spends $500 for a room in Hotel A. Bob also receive 100 Hotel A point (it same with $100)

Bob can redeem his 100 Hotel A point to GO Credits, 1 Hotel A point is worth $0.70 in GO Credits. So Bob will get $70 GO Credit

Bob now has Go credit and it can use to book in another hotel. In this case Bob purchase $200 at hotel B. He use $70 GO Credits and pays $130 in cash.

Token Sale and Roadmap

GOeureka (GOT) using erc20 for their token. 600 milion GOT token will sale and all unsold token will be burnt. Token price is $0.10 and it have bonus distribution. At this time if you buy GOT you will get 5% bonus. The token sale round are detailed below.

GOeureka have a roadmap, at this time we on period SEP 2018 — DEC 2019, on this step we have a big project like launch of product BETA, product market launch, application of multiple cryptocurrency payment for hotel bookings.

This is your chance to buy GO Token, it is a legit project. This platform have an app you can download. Easy to use and have a great feature, so don’t hesitate to invest in this project. You can get more information on whitepaper.

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