Announcing the BitNation Scholarship

As Exosphere’s Science Ambassador and BitNation Ambassador to Chile I am proud to announce that Exosphere and BitNation have partnered up to offer a BitNation scholarship to the Hydra 3 Startup Lab.

BitNation is a self-governance platform built on blockchain technology offering voluntary governance services to citizens of the world.

The Hydra 3 Startup Lab is a technology & startup bootcamp for problem-solvers and takes place this coming January 11 — March 4, 2016. The recipient benefits in the following ways:

  • Virtual Mentorship throughout the 8 weeks by Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder of BitNation.
  • The project resulting from the program will be covered in BitNation and Exosphere communications and social media channels. BitNation has also agreed to host a formal developers meeting to discuss the recipient’s project potential and see whether it can be aligned with BitNation goals, though neither the recipient nor BitNation need enter into an agreement.
  • Exosphere has agreed to reduce the tuition fee by $1500 to a total of $2700.

The winner will be chosen by Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder of BitNation, on the basis of idea quality, alignment with the BitNation vision, and likelihood of real-world success as evidenced by the applicants self-pitch. You can learn more about Hydra 3 here, check out the Program Guide here, and then go here to apply. Please mention BitNation on the form to take part in the selection process.

Exosphere is the institution that asks questions instead of providing answers and BitNation, by providing the infrastructure for individuals to customize their governance services, carries the same spirit.

With Hydra specifically, we are bringing attention to a serious problem:

Many of the world’s most grave and pressing problems can be solved through technology, but aren’t.

Instead of the smartest and most capable members of society working on social networks for dogs, the world needs such people to focus on serious problems. Only a few seem to be thinking creatively enough to utilise great technologies like the Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and Synthetic Biology to provide true solutions in a sustainable way. Recently, Exosphere launched Exosphere Labs, a venture capital fund to aid people in ventures of this kind. It’s goal is to “Fund The World’s Untapped Genius” by providing capital and infrastructure to enable exceptional talent to develop innovative technologies.

BitNation, through its Emergency ID’s for refugees, the notary and identification systems built on open, immutable, and resilient blockchain protocols, and its recent partnership with Estonia’s e-Residency programme, is focussed on radically innovative implementations of technology to address real-world pain points that exist now, everywhere in the world. In order to achieve this, BitNation has had to build the sort of relationships and connections that Exosphere values, has had to find extraordinarily talented people, and work from first principles through a novel technology stack all in the pursuit of continuous improvement for a global and connected population of human beings.

Both Exosphere and BitNation are excited about the potential for further fruitful collaboration between our two highly motivated, talented, and driven platforms. We are both building novel ways that humanity can address its most pressing problems, with an emphasis on emerging technologies and radically different mindsets focused on coherent, autonomous, and purposeful action.

The future arrived some time ago. Are you ready to join us yet?

You can learn more about the Hydra 3 Startup Lab on the website or directly submit your application here.
For any questions please feel free to shoot me a mail at