I Listened to a Trump Supporter
David A Hill Jr

While I find your piece to be honest and from the heart, I still do not see how anyone in their right mind could ever vote for HRC. Trump may not be the best candidate but he is the better of two evils in this election. HRC will continue here attempts to. And the country not a country anymore but a world without borders. I think there will come a time for this in the distant future but not yet. To make this happen, she will use whatever means necessary no matter what the public sentiment is just as the current occupant of the office has done. That will include “removing” and “eliminating” as the Clinton’s have been providing their services for years.

Trump is where he is because people are fed up with career politicians and things continuing the way they always do. We have to come to pass term limits and provide for much more transparency into politicians dealings going forward. This is the only way we can hold them accountable. As. Inch as I respect George W. Bush, I think many of his policies have causes some of the lingering issues although I don’t think Bill Clinton or Barack Obama have done much to move away from those policies. And I don’t see HRC do anything different.

I think being a lifelong Republican Conservative gives me a different perspective from you and your friend. Until we can determine some middle ground to meet the gap is only going to get worse. Unfortunately, our political parties keep introducing candidates who are so far away from the middle ground or are so wacky they scare everyone. My wish is that is that Trump is elected this year and HRC moves on to that padded cell she so needs. Teen in four years, both parties will see the need to move more to the middle. Otherwise the country will continue to grow the current gap into something no one wants.