If You Want to Be a Prolific Writer, Become a Voracious Reader
Srinivas Rao

I used to hate reading so much. All those years in school being “forced” to read I never really enjoyed it because of that. But after I finally picked up my old true passion of writing and improving my life as well. I have finally seen the power of reading. Of embracing the knowledge of the world of books, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. The more I explore my life, the more books I find to guide my writing and my life. I honestly think too many of us, as myself did, look at reading as a chore rather than an investment or nutrition for our minds. There is no physical evidence in a short time like what we gain from working out or working extra hours at work for that extra cash. But there is evidence of intellectual growth, spiritual growth. Maybe not right away, but eventual that growth can manifest itself into the physical realm. Reading can give us so much more than just a great story or a good piece of information. Sadly I think many have not seen this or have lost touch with reading. For me, I had not seen the vast greatness that reading has to offer till recently. But I see life as everything happens as it must, as long as we take responsibility for ourselves. Thank you for the quick and insightful article, I enjoyed it very much and found it useful!

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