I Replaced The Word ‘Millennials’ With ‘43-Year-Old White Men’ And Now These Headlines Are *Italian…
Amanda Rosenberg


This article triggered me so much that I had to really express my feelings as soon as I got done with the blogging gig job that I was finishing up while at Mr. Coffee Shack (Starbucks is too corporate).

Anyway, I went home in tears to my parents house right away and head straight to my bedroom in the basement. I interrupted my mom doing my laundry just to let her know how emotionally hurt I was, and told her that I’d have to quit my job again. They’re not paying me enough with my new Masters degree anyway, so why bother?

Later on I’m gonna head to the local cash-only microbrewery to have a few IPAs. I’ll get all my friends to start hashtagging #43livesmatter because Twitter really does make a difference!

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