Reasons why you should get a travel policy for your next trip.

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Buy travel insurance| Pixabay

Travel insurance is known to provide protection against certain unforeseen incidences that may occur during your trip. It guarantees you peace of mind as you travel the world with family or for business.

Although not compulsory in most cases, it’s best to have it rather than to regret later. Especially for regular international travelers. So to answer the question: Should you buy travel insurance before a trip? The simple answer is yes!

Risks associated with international travel

Travelling is something that we all enjoy. We take time to plan for food and accommodation well in advance. …

learn what mutual funds are, their benefits and fees involved.

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Mutual funds| Flickr| Investment Zen

Mutual fund definition

A mutual fund can simply be defined as a financial vehicle whose money is pooled from different individuals then invested in a large group of assets. They’re operated and run by professional money managers who are tasked with making sure that the portfolio is profitable.

How does a mutual fund make money?

Mutual funds make money from any of these 3 primary sources:

  1. Capital gain
    Capital gain is basically arrived at whenever mutual funds sell securities that have gone up in price. The gained difference is then distributed to mutual fund investors annually.
  2. Dividend
    Mutual funds receive earnings or dividend from investments they make. …

More people than ever before are accessing the internet via mobile devices.

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Mobile marketing| Pixabay

Mobile marketing definition

Mobile marketing can simply be defined as a strategy or the technique of marketing a business with the aim of reaching or appealing to mobile device users via: SMS, Email, MMS, social media or Apps just to name a few.

With the technology landscape rapidly changing every few months, businesses are forced to constantly think outside the box and away from traditional marketing strategies in order to tap into the expanding mobile consumer arena.

Smartphones and tablets are disrupting trends not to mention the old ways in which people engaged with brands. Keeping up with that requires meeting demand and staying ahead of competition by implementing a mobile marketing strategy that is both consistent and efficient. …

combining multiple debt into one to improve manageability.

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Debt consolidation brings much needed relief| Pixabay

Keeping track of multiple debt is perhaps one of the most challenging task for most debtors. Often times we take out loans to help improve our living standards. Before long however, we end up with multiple debts that reach an untenable capacity making it difficult and sometimes virtually impossible to steadily pay back. In such a scenario debt consolidation becomes the go to alternative.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is simply combining multiple debts into a larger one that is more manageable. …

Basic financial skills to teach children early.

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Financial literacy for kids| Pixabay

Financial literacy is an indispensable skill and very few other life skills can match it. If children are taught early and properly, they can lead successful and stress free financial lives. It’s important to teach them at least the basics of financial planning before they enroll to college.

By doing so they are guaranteed to independently make smart decisions as far as finances are concerned. Here are some of the basic skills to teach kids early:


The foundation of any money management program is a budget. Teaching kids how to track their expenses is crucial. Budgeting will allow your kids to plan and monitor their spending habits. …

A simple look at what real estate investment entails.

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Investing in real estate| Pixabay

Choosing to invest in real estate can be both appealing and challenging at the same time especially if you are just starting out. When most people say they want to start investing in real estate, they usually mean buying property with the hope it ultimately appreciates and increases in value.

As easy as it may sound, sometimes things don’t go that way because of inadequate planning. …

words of encouragement from those who started small and made it big.

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Advice from Billionaires to SMEs and Entrepreneurs| Pixabay

Aliko Dangote.
You must be consistent. When you try a business and you start, you might have hiccups here and there but it does not mean that that business is not going to work.

Diane Hendricks.
Put your business plan together, in writing, run it past a couple of people you respect, run it past the banker without asking him for money. Is there a need for what it is you’re trying to accomplish, the service you’re trying to provide, or the product you’re trying to sell?

Jack Ma.
As an entrepreneur, build up a good team and set a big vision with milestones and go on, never give up. You might have a lot of problems, but the problems you are facing your competitor will face it too. …

Yes! Offshore banks are legal and you can open an account too.

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Offshore banking| Pixabay

What is offshore banking?

An offshore bank can be defined simply as a bank located in various countries (tax haven) around the world. These banks have a special license that only allows them to accept deposits from corporations and individuals outside their jurisdiction.

In other words offshore banks are prohibited from engaging in business activities with citizens or corporations of the countries where they are located.

Furthermore, individuals looking to open offshore accounts should be careful to distinguish between a bank that’s in an offshore jurisdiction from one that is actually an offshore bank with an offshore license.

What is the difference between onshore and offshore banking?

An onshore bank is located in your country of residence and is subject to that country’s laws. While an offshore bank is located in a different country outside the depositor’s residence and works just like a normal bank but has more benefits. …

an endowment policy provides both cover and investment opportunities.

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Endowment policy as an investment vehicle| Bizinfuse

Investing in stocks is an approach used by many to build wealth. By buying shares investors become part owners of the company they choose to invest their money in. But to make a substantial amount of money investors have to take risks. Thus, the higher the risk the higher the return!

It goes without saying however, that not all investors are high risk tolerant. …

Starting small while learning how markets work is the best way to start.

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Start investing| Pixabay

What is the best way to start investing?

Starting small.

Many people assume that in order to be successful at investing one needs thousands of dollars to start. Now we have all heard about the success story of Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha.

Buffet started out with very little money but what set him apart was his ability to analyze patterns and numbers from a very young age. Due to his sheer determination and abilities, Warren Buffet is now one of the greatest investors if not the GOAT.

Although some may argue that if we factor in the inflation rate at the time, price per share ($38) would significantly go up ($551.38). We have to remember that Buffet started his own business very early and was quite entrepreneurial to say the least. Another point to consider would be that when he was 11 years old, he went into stocks with his sister. …


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