Here at Brighton Arts Boom we are on a mission to encourage our children to embrace the amazing art and culture all around them.

I was chatting with my 4 year old daughter and asked her what would make a trip to the museum even more fun, she replied “I’d like to bring Chewy with me and show him everything”, so off we went for our morning activity to Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, Chewy and all.

We had a fabulous, fun morning of art and culture, all was going well until I uttered those words “can I take a nice picture of you”, with that my little bundle of joy became a sulky Tweenager!

Like most other 4 year olds, mine loves playing with my phone, taking endless arty shots of toys, the dog and things I’ve yet to workout what they are. Using up all of the already lacking memory, every picture is an amazing piece of artwork that can never be deleted after all.

This morning was no exception, she decided that instead of me taking the snaps, today was going to be all about her photographic skills. She had fun posing Chewy and getting him in the best light, making sure that he was enjoying himself as much as we were, that’s when we had the lightbulb moment and #KidsTakeThePics came about.

So next time you are visiting a museum, art gallery, theatre, cinema anywhere remotely arty get your little ones (and not so little ones) to take along their best toy friends, take their own picture and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #KidsTakeThePics. Not only will they really enjoy showing their BFF’s around the chosen location, they can get really creative with their own shots.

Have Fun, and we’ll look forward to seeing all your adventures x

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