What is BigBagBang.com ?

Dec 28, 2018 · 6 min read

# A little story

1. Monitor Wavesdex activity

What about the icons?

Little bonus

2. Trades Monitoring

EVERYLOTO, one among several EVERY* shitcoins.

Without scrolling, you already have useful infos:

The Trading table 😍

The Top 10

3. Address Monitor

Overview of Address Monitor
Thank you, thank you.

Let’s check the other tabs

Transfers (linked to “Follow the money”)
Holdings with Rank checker from Rich lists.
Cumulated Buys. I insist on “Buys”. Calculated from Trades table.
Tokens issued. Nothing particular here.
Monitored address is in red.

More examples

Mastering Wavesdex

Pay with Waves


Written by

B³ is an online tool to monitor Wavesdex activities.

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