What is BigBagBang.com ?

BigBagBang (a.k.a B³) is a tool aimed to help crypto-investors in their researches related to any Waves token (asset).

Have you never asked yourself these questions?

  • Is this token legit or scam?
  • Fake volume?
  • Who bought?
  • Who the fuck dumped?! 🤬
  • How can I spot future gems?💎

Well, B³ helps you answer these questions, and more.

# A little story

At first, B³ was a quick & dirty personnal tool. I wanted to spot quickly interesting Waves tokens from various criterias: daily volume, price variations…

Quickly, I wanted more. More and better. Mixing pleasure (of coding) and benefits (from the infos the tool gave me), BigBagBang and its motto are born: Information Is Power.

1. Monitor Wavesdex activity

The starting point, the genesis block of B³: a table of active tokens from Wavesdex.

A token is considered as active if it had at least 1 trade within the last 24h.

A simple table, but not simplist! This table gives you an overview of current tokens activities. What’s the price? Is it a dip? Is there volume?

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Besides the classics column, you’ll notice a few (very) interesting ones:

  • Vwap: the average price on 24h.
  • Total Trades: as you guess, it’s the total number of trades. Yes.
  • 24H: when you click “Check”, you get the number of trades for the last 24h only.

Obviously, columns are sortable, it means you can sort by any criteria, in ascending or descending order.

I let you imagine the research opportunities… 👀

What about the icons?

  • Red eye: send you to the Trades Monitoring page (the link on the token name aswell).
  • Dollar: open the Rich List.
  • Blue arrow: open Wavesdex trade page
  • Red arrow: visible only after cliking “check”, it links also to the Trades Monitoring page.

Little bonus

  • You can highlight a row by clicking anywhere on it.
  • Clicking on the token name cell copy its Asset ID (like Ctrl+C)

2. Trades Monitoring

It’s like a Token Command Center. You can quickly see if everything goes well, or if someone wants to hide something 🐱‍👤.

Let’s take a look at a random shitcoin.

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EVERYLOTO, one among several EVERY* shitcoins.

So many informations here!

Without scrolling, you already have useful infos:

  • Turquoise block: if you have setup your Waves address (it’s NOT mandatory), B³ retrieves your bag and display it here, with an estimation of its worth if you sell at last close price.
  • Blue block: where your eye must first be. Here, everything looks normal. Sometimes you’ll see 1 or 2 traders making all the trades… 🛑
  • Asset infos block: besides the usual infos (creation date…), you can see the number of bags (or holders if you prefer).
  • Above candle charts: you already know the total trades number, and maybe the last 24h one. You’ll maybe interested to know activity further in the past.

The Trading table 😍

Sweet dreams for some, fantasy for others, the Graal is here, just in front of your eyes.

More convenient and less restricted than the Waves Explorer, this sortable and filterable table gives you trades history with the ice on the cake: who bought, who sold.

The Top 10

Quite explicit: here you quickly see the top buyers and sellers, and the top traders.

There’s also a representation of the volume (based on the total volume of traded pair, most often Waves), so that you can easily see beyond numbers and check if something’s wrong.

In our example, Issuer’s bag Buys represent almost 87% of Waves traded on this token these last 24h. Wow. At the same time, its Sells are 97.4% of Waves traded on this token. Wtf ? You’ll find out easily in the trading table that he buys its own token… 🛑

3. Address Monitor

Well, imagine Waves Explorer on steroïds: more infos, less limits.

I clicked on the address of the EVERYLOTO issuer.

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Overview of Address Monitor

Oh God, what is this Follow the Money ball? We’ll see this later. First let’s focus on the trades.


Image for post
Image for post
Thank you, thank you.

See the highlighted trade: he putted a sell order on 23rd of December at 16h13 (UTC+1), and this order has been executed on 28th of December at 11h51 through a Buy order from someone else.

Yeah, I know, you know how it works. But now, you can see it.

Look at the last line too: his Sell order wan not totally filled on this trade, as we can see he sold 341,020,000 tokens on 500,000,000 (last column).

Let’s check the other tabs

More tables? No, more informative tables.

Image for post
Image for post
Transfers (linked to “Follow the money”)
Image for post
Image for post
Holdings with Rank checker from Rich lists.
Image for post
Image for post
Cumulated Buys. I insist on “Buys”. Calculated from Trades table.
Image for post
Image for post
Tokens issued. Nothing particular here.

Follow the money 👀💰

Now let’s see this fantastic galaxy ball. It’s a new way to visualize transfers between Waves addresses. This tool can reveal so many informations, used together with the Transfers table.

Let’s zoom in (use your mouse wheel!). Blue arrows are incoming transfers, Green arrows are outgoing transfers.

Image for post
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Monitored address is in red.

Notice than I clicked on the address on the left: it’s highlighted in blue, and Transfers table has been automatically filtered.

If I had double-clicked, it would have opened the Monitor page of this address.

This Visualization tool is so useful.

Look at this one:

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Image for post

It’s the address ranked #21 in EVERYLOTO holders. The last Buy from the Trade Monitor screenshot we’ve seen sooner. It’s not a commun buyer: he received tokens from the issuer (and for many EVERY* tokens), and distribute them to random addresses. 🛑

More examples

Don’t panic, it’s not always so big/complicated. Here is a few more random examples, from various tokens trades.

Image for post
Image for post

Does this guy has one particular friend ? No, 1 click and you see he’s spammed with the “READ attachment” shitcoin token.

Oh, he also received a few BTC.

Image for post
Image for post

Beyond the appearences, nothing suspicious here. This guy loves Turtle Coin and ETH.

Image for post
Image for post

“Draw me scissors”.

Okay, you got it right, now.

Mastering Wavesdex

is an awesome tool to understand better Wavesdex, not being scammed, checking trades. It’s an useful decision support, and a perfect companion for #DYOR moments.

Pay with Waves

is not free, and use the power of Waves API to let you pay with your Waves wallet in a breeze. It’s secured: once you have selected an Offer, you’re sent to Wavesdex to sign and confirm the transaction. Then you’re sent back to B³, and once the transaction is confirmed by Wavesdex, you have full access to B³. That’s it.

Get your access now!

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B³ is an online tool to monitor Wavesdex activities.

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