All Started with a BigBang

Big Bang Token
2 min readDec 15, 2022


An unprecedented inflation followed by a spectacular rapid deflation gave life to our universe; the scientists called it: THE BIG BANG

The universe of Crypto came to life with the birth of a singularity originating from the dark matter of this universe: Bitcoin

Bitcoin shone a bright light into the corrupted financial world and ignited a spectacular expansion of the crypto universe.
Eventually this rapid expansion led to dark matter being created and corrupted the essence of crypto with greed, abuse, dishonesty, and selfishness.

The universe knows when it is time to heal itself & now the time has come:

Another BIG BANG is approaching! It will be spectacular and will forever change the crypto universe.
Don’t limit yourself to just witnessing the event! Be a part of it. Be the driver to the new BIGBANG which will bring new light in crypto

Inflation is going rampant, cost of money constantly rising
Beat the inflation with BIGBANG token

Don’t allow your money to keep shrinking and losing its purchasing power; be a part of this new universe and be rewarded with the only store of value which counts: GOLDMATTER

GOLDMATTER will be expelled once the BIGBANG occurs and the spectacular explosion will reward those that have been part of the BIGBANG

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