BIGBANG Token 🪐💥

Big Bang Token
2 min readDec 15, 2022


BIGBANG Token is a revolutionary Hyperdeflationary token built on Ethereum network (ERC-20)

BIGBANG Token is constantly burning 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The total supply will shrink at an increasing pace until the contraction will result in a spectacular BIGBANG which will generate unprecedented rewards.

Automated true burn of 2% LP tokens every 60 minutes (24 burns per day), for the first 48 hours
- Burns will increase at 3% hourly from day 3
- Burns will increase at 5% hourly from day 5 then the burns % will accelerate exponentially until the BIGBANG
- The BIGBANG shrinking will generate a huge rise in price, a fall in the Max Total Token Supply, an increase in your holding %’age
- The BIGBANG fallout will generate the most precious matter in the new crypto universe GOLDMATTER which will be gathered only from those who have survived the BigBang

Low supply, true burn contract, full automation & an underlying commodity asset makes BIGBANG a truly unique event. Be a part of the new universe and own the universal store of value: GOLDMATTER


Chain: ERC20
Token’s Supply: 999,999 (all in circulation, no team tokens, no presale)
Buy/Sell: 6/6 tax

Progressively decreasing taxes on launch for the first 48 hours to help protect real investors from bots

Max Wallet at launch: 15,000 BIGBANG

1 Million tokens in Uniswap LP
Liquidity: 4.2 ETH

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