The “N” Crowd
Paul A. Bromley

As a white person, I don’t use any version of the N word. It’s not mine to use.

I don’t get offended by the words “cracker”, “honkey” or “whitey”. Some white people I have known thinks that that non-offense gives them license to use racial slurs. They are wrong.

Paul A. Bromley wrote about the ways to determine if President Obama really was his (insert N word). I got a sense of community and kinship between a regular guy and the President of the United States that I have never felt and that I will probably never truly understand. It was beautiful.

The closest I’ll come is the one time I blocked a guy into the next week on a football field and a black friend stopped in his tracks, while the play was still going, and yelled, “MY (insert N word)” in approval. It felt special to be included in that term, even for just a moment.

I realized that the N word, in any form, really belongs to black people in a way that no term will ever belong to me.

It was beautiful how Larry Wilmore could express to President Obama how much he means to him through the use of one little, loaded word.

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