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“ but I support her determination not to be silenced in the face of online mobs attempting to intimidate her”

I’m entirely opposed to intimidation, be it online or say a campaign of harassment of cinema owners to “encourage” them not to show this film.

What I’m not opposed to is people politely pointing out massive logical fallacies, and I consider it my civic duty to mock willful and profound stupidity regardless of where it comes from.

“ Just read David Futrelle’s blog, We Hunted the Mammoth”

Well, I think that citing Manboobz (which is what it used to be called, before he tried to wear a veneer of respectability) is a prime indicator of where on the gender politics you stand.

“ At least give her some credit for watching it, reviewing it and discussing it with her boyfriend. While she was very opinionated, he actually managed to get in many words edgewise.”

I listened to her review, it was a hatchet job. And the words he got edgewise seemed to be very much on sufferance.

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