Finally, Bigbom launches our flagship product this month!

Bigbom Ads — Create ads on Facebook channel

Most people view Bigbom as a wildcard in the digital advertising industry for the big vision which aims to change the conversation of this industry itself. Now, with the launch of Bigbom Ads, our flagship product, we want to make a bold statement that this wildcard has gradually come into shape of a perfect optimization tool that every advertiser must have.

After the successful launch of the transparent economy (Bigbom Marketplace), it’s time for the main protagonist to come to the stage.

Today, October 24th marks the day when the concept of one-click optimization in advertising industry comes into reality with its maiden features for Facebook conversion ads.

In this demo version, Bigbom ads offer additional features which help to satisfy unmet requirements of needy clients when they run their ads campaigns in the traditional method, concretely:

Create many Ad that targeting multiple Ad sets by permutation

*permutation: Any of the different ways in which a set of things can be ordered. The permutation algorithm allows Bigbom Ads to create ads using every combination of your input. To put it simply, Bigbom ads make combinations from the content and images in one ad campaign. This process used to take hours, now you can do it in second with just a few simple clicks. The same principle is applied when you create an ad set.

With this brand new characteristic, Bigbom ads let you create your ad campaign faster and easier. We list out every aspect of an ad campaign which are ad sets, expected cost per result, targeted audience, etc. all you need to do is fill in the blank. When the ads setting is done, Bigbom ads will automatically execute your command and create the maximum number of ads through permutation and display them on multiple placements. In the near future, the algorithm will optimize the number of ads created based on your targeted ad sets to minimize the cost.

Create ad sets through permutation
Try to type the most compelling content you can

Optimize budget based on expected cost per result

Enterprises, regardless of their size, who doesn’t want to do more with less, right? The digital advertising world is not an exception here. How to create ads campaigns with fewer resources and at a more reasonable cost? Not to worries, Bigbom ads come to the rescue by creating a funnel of optimal advertisements based on your expected price.

At the end of the day, we all love to know if our campaign is successful or not, right? So, ain’t it great to have a site that keeps track of our ads performance?

With this feature, ad campaigns become games in which each “gamer” comes to know whether their ads campaigns are worth it or not. From the scientific perspective, when we win ( marked as very good), our confidence will be boosted much and it is always great to successfully achieve something even with tiny teeny feats.

If we lose (marked as very bad), Bigbom ads will show you clearly where it has gone wrong in the subtabs of the drop-down menu; the problem spotted out and you just need to adjust it into a more reasonable option. That’s it, with whatever result you end up with, you can get the best of both world. It’s safe to say, Bigbom ads make you an advertising expert in a hassle-free and entertaining manner.

Setting the expected cost per result:

Management dashboard presents final campaign results

Cost per result <Expected = Good

Cost per result >Expected = Bad

The lists of technology we are using for Bigbom ads at this phase:

ReactJS (Front-end)

Microservices architecture + Nodejs (Back-end)

MongoDB (Database)

Ethereum Smart Contract (Reward platform)

Bigbom Ads — Create ads on Facebook channel (Conversion ads)

In order to make it as comprehensible as possible, we just list them out for the curious souls out there. If you want to explore more, please visit Bigbom Github to have a comprehensive view of the technology we are using for more tech-driven content. Click here:

The best is yet to come, this version is only limited internally and we need more time to work on it to finalize a high-quality upshot. The next version will soon to be on air and before the launch of it, please take a look on our Demo and give your feedback to Your contribution is tremendously appreciated.

Be alert for more good news to come down the line!

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