How to send Ether using Metamask

Metamask is one of the favorite app for managing Ethereum wallet with a single Mnemonic Phrases, providing flexibility and easy management for users. In this guide we will show you how to send Ether (ETH) using Metamask Chrome Extension

DISCLAIMER: This guide is only for demonstration purposes. DO NOT use any wallet address in this guide for making actual contribution to Bigbom Public Sale. We won’t take any responsibility if you make any ETH deposit to these addresses in this guide.

PREREQUISITE: In order to use this guide, you must have Metamask Chrome Extension installed.

STEP 1: Open Metmask. If this is your first time you install Metamask , you will be asked to create your first password for encrypting your wallet.

Figure 1–1: Create new wallet

If you already stored your Mnemonic Phrases somewhere else before, you can restore all of your wallets choosing “Import Existing DEN”, then paste the 12-words Mnemonic Phrases into “Wallet Seed” box.

Figure 1–2: Restore from existing DEN

After create/restore your Metamask DEN, you will see your wallet(s) appear in Metamask.

Figure 1–3: Account details

Step 2: For sending ETH into an address, click “SEND” button. Put the destination address and amount of ETH then click “NEXT”

Step 2–1: Sending to an address

For confirming transaction, you need to adjust Gas Limit and Gas Price. For knowing Gas Limit and Gas Price during a Token Sale period, you should check the announcement & guideline of specific Token Sale for recommendation. After you’re certain about making transaction, you can click to “Submit” button. There are also “Reset” button for reset all value to default, and “Reject” button in case you change your mind.

Figure 2–2: Setting gas price and gas limit

Step 3: After submitting a transaction, the transaction history will be displayed on Metamask.

Step 3–1: Checking transaction

You can click to any transaction for verifying the transaction status on Etherscan

Figure 3–2: Checking transaction on Etherscan

Hope you will find this guide useful.

Bigbom Team

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