Top 5 Common Facebook Ads Mistakes

Sep 9 · 3 min read

Nowadays, Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC) Advertising is vital for any business. Among the advertising platform, Facebook Ads stands as the most versatile and trustworthy network. With its incredible reach potential, a lot of new online advertisers want to try their luck. The objective of this paper is to highlight the most common mistakes with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads can help your business grow if used right, and if used wrong, it can do more harm than good

1. Having No Clear Goals

Set up your goals before starting a campaign can be obvious for some people. However, it is a pretty common mistake for Facebook advertisers. Some of them launch their campaign without any ideas of their key results and how to measure them. How can you know if your campaign is a success if you don’t know what good results mean?

2. Getting the Wrong Audience

Determining the right audience is maybe one the most difficult step in setting up an ad.

Finding your Target Audience is not a guessing game and if you are not investing upfront to find your audience, you will target the wrong audience. Even the best ad in the world will fail if it’s shown to the wrong people. This can lead you to aim at a too broad or too narrow audience. In either case, you will waste your money. If you target too many people, you will spend your budget on unqualified prospects and if you are targeting too few people, your ad will be unsuccessful.

3. Matching Mistakes and Inconsistency

Every potential customer is different (depending on their place in the Sales Funnel). Some of them have already bought some of your products while others don’t even know about your brand. You can’t talk to these different customers the same way. You need to match the offer with the customer.

More generally speaking, matching mistakes are common in Facebook Ads. You must think about your creatives, your format, your languages and every element of your ad according to your audience and their goals.

4. Stopping the Effort

The vast majority of marketers stop their effort after the lead turns into a conversion. Sometimes, the marketers even stop their commercial effort once they get the lead and forget to get back to them. In other words, they fall into the “Set-And-Forget” trap. Meanwhile, the truth is that no ads can ever maintain the same performance level if there’s no frequent adjustment.

5. Impatience

Like the famous saying that goes “The success comes before work, only in the dictionary”. Before the success, you need to gather a tremendous amount of data about your audience AND about the performance of each of your creatives. Online advertising is the realm of “trial-and-error” and “A/B testing”. Unfortunately, most of the advertisers became impatient while doing this and try to test several elements at the same time. But each element needs to be tested separately.

In our next blog post, we will discuss how to solve these problems in no time with Bigbom.

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