Why using several metrics for one advertisement is necessary


When launching an advertisement campaign, your toolbox is very important. This toolbox contains all the metrics you can use to track, monitor, measure or estimate your results. This is crucial to evaluate if your campaign is fulfilling your already-set business goals.

There are a lot of them: Clicks Through Rates (CTR), Completion Rate, or Cost Per Impression, etc. Each metric can give you a piece of information about your campaign’s results but most of the time, one alone isn’t enough. Those metrics are better used simultaneously. You can, for example, use in concert the Clicks, the Completions, and the Impressions. The main advantage is that the combination of several metrics will give you a more precise view of your results. They will combine their qualities while minimizing their respective weaknesses. Also, they give you a better big picture of where you’re heading. Is it towards your business goals or somewhere else?

A cocktail of metrics allow advertisers to track the performance of their ads in great details

Of course, you need to have the right tools for the right job. Therefore, using the same metrics for any of your campaigns isn’t very ideal. You have to choose them according to each business goal. The most difficult part is, then, once again to be sure about your objectives for a specific campaign.

Despite this, most online advertisers prefer to not use several metrics because they are afraid of being overwhelmed by a huge amount of data. This is where Bigbom came to the rescue. Still focusing on bringing a solution to any problem of the online marketing world, Bigbom offers the simplest interface to combine several metrics. With this intuitive yet detailed interface, our customers can combine metrics to optimize their ads. Everything in marketing is about gathering and managing data. The symbiosis of a multiple-metrics system and a detailed database gives you all the tools to manage your campaign with more efficiency and greater success. In other words, that means better performance in less time.

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Bigbom is a decentralized advertising ecosystem, built on Ethereum and Tomochain . https://bigbom.com/

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