Go SMS BBM theme for android free

If you have used the texting app GO SMS BBM on android phone, you cannot ignore the beautiful theme app GO SMS BBM THEME apk. This theme app is attached and worked in the GO SMS BBM texting app, providing many beautiful, outstanding theme for the app. GO SMS BBM THEME apk brings exciting experience to users, freely customize theme for the apps, turn every texting step more outstanding and exciting.

GO SMS BBM THEME apk — Stunning theme for GO SMS BBM

When experiencing outstanding, dazzling theme on GO SMS BBM apps, you will be able to choose, customize with many favorite theme. The app provides a huge, lively, colorful gallery of theme for users, making GO SMS BBM’s theme to be outstanding.

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Setting GO SMS BBM THEME Tutorial

1. Download the app

2. In Go SMS Pro -> choose Push -> Theme and switch to “Set up” Theme

3. Choose GO SMS BLACKBERRY 10’s THEME, and touch “apply”

4. Done!

Theme categories on GO SMS BBM THEME apk

- Custom theme for Inbox

- Custom theme for Chatroom

- Custom theme for Conversation bubble

- Custom theme for SMS Popup Windows

- Custom theme for Top Bar and Bottom Bar

- Custom theme

- Custom Font Colors (If you don’t like the font color that goes with the custom theme, you can easily adjust the font theme and colors in setting menu under the tab “Advance” on GO SMS PRO. This can be applied to any GO SMS Pro’s theme)

This is an outstanding app for your texting app on your phone. Why do you hesitate to try this app to make texting more enjoyable? You will definitely be attracted for the first time trying the wallpaper that brought by GO SMS BBM THEME apk.

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