Don’t skate to where the puck is…..

Skate to where it’s going. Everyone’s heard this. Thanks Wayne Gretsky if you really were the first person to say this. I certainely can’t blame you for the part that I disagree with however.

If you were to make career decisions based on it, this is where you run into trouble. This is because people don’t understand enough about the groups that exist at each bracket.

Where the pucks going — thats like grad students and their research projects. Graphene, nanotubes, quantum computing, optical computing, multi-material 3d printing, etc.

Where the puck is — thats where the hot new startups in tech are. Newsflash: They’re still in software and web apps and mobile stuff. It may change quickly, but innovation is still happening. Thats because they haven’t been perfected. Creating a blog and posting to it and adding pictures and stuff is still a pain in the ass — Just ask this non-picture adding, just created a blog 5 min ago guy. Ahh but thats boring you say. Who cares how people add shit to their blogs. The thing is, there is a reason that this is the center of innovation right now — because this is what needs it.

Think about innovation not as a wave surging forward proudly and heroically, but as a herd of wildabeasts surging through a canyon — ah you thought I was gonna use cattle or drones or something condescending, didn’t you?? This canyon is narrow in some places and meandering in others and the wildabeasts don’t always move together well. Most importantly it takes a while for all of them to move through it.

Humanity whether you like it or not includes all of us and we have to help the stragglers if we want to enable the leaders.

What I am trying to say is that, if you want to really help innovation along, don’t skate to where the puck is going. You should be skating back to help your teammates along. Thats where the majority of them live, thats who needs your help and thats who will pay you for it.