What the heck is a “Thumbjamz”?

Jul 19, 2019 · 3 min read
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USB technology has been “around” for eons it seems….

( For the non-tech folks ) Here’s a “simple” explanation of what it ACTUALLY does:

“USB” (or Universal Serial Bus) connects a plethora of external devices using one standard interface or port.

#NerdSpeak -This allows electronic manufacturers a uniquely viable “hardware” platform to expand the features of common devices

#PlainEnglish — You can connect stuff to other stuff :)

Some examples include the following:

- Additional storage ( i.e. “external” CD/DVD drives, Hard Disk Drives )

- Printers

- Portable Chargers & Cables

Ok well… NOW WHAT?

Ha! Here is where our team at Thumbjamz comes in…

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We give consumers the ability to store their personal collection ( of EXISTING. LEGALLY PURCHASED songs and albums ) + our COMPLIMENTARY “preloaded” mixtapes ( in “digital” form ) on a “portable” device which can plug directly into a PC, Tablet, smartphone -or- even your car ( any vehicle with an available USB port )

[ 🛒Shop NOW ]

and… allow the USB Drive to be a gateway to the platform: FREE Preloaded “commander” software that runs from the USB drive itself. No need for install…

Enjoy Classics, New Jams & Preserve your “old” CD Music


NOTE: 2019 Model vehicles (and those in the future) wont have “cd players”

“What are you gonna do with your MUSIC COLLECTION ???”


1) Insert Flash Drive (PC). Run FREE Software

2) Upload your CDs to a “music cabinet” online “in the cloud”

3) Stream/Play/Access or Download your music from ANYWHERE

4) Subscribe to your favorite DJ, Producer or local Celeb and play FREE mixes ( .99 per DJ )

Thumbjamz = Spotify + Dropbox for ONLY $1 .99 a month

“That is ANY Music Genre… #gamechanger”


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(JUNE 2020) We will relaunch VERSION 3.0 of our digital streaming service “360 Live” which allows customers the ability to “subscribe” to their favorite “mixtape curator” (or local DJ) for ONLY $.99 monthly. When he/she uploads a new mixtape…the consumers get a smartphone notification INSTANTLY..and can listen UNLIMITED & COMMERCIAL FREE….WOW!

[ 🎧 Sign Up FREE ]

(SUMMER 2021) We will also be offering FREE application software ( via online and or installed on our USB drives or from your smartphone ) to listen to, download and manage…ALL your MUSIC (in the cloud or on the USD Drive)

We have dubbed it “Thumbjamz COMMANDER”

(FALL 2021) The Official launch of “Thumbjamz ELITE” 3.0 which offers ANY content creator ( DJs, Producers, Artists, Celebrities and other Notables )the ability — to actually share in the revenue generated from the platform (40%-50% of subscription fees ) by creating, managing their online presence, ALL while building their own personal fanbase….#GAMECHANGER

THE BIZ MODEL: The DJs promote themselves via a vanity url ( ala a myspace type axiom > thumbjamz.com/djname ) which allows direct subscriptions/access to free mixtapes …. WIN-WIN

This is the essence of what Thumbjamz is / will be….

NOTE: You can also support our “re-launch” of the ENTIRE platform

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[ SHOP NOW ] on our online store and get FREE SHIPPING (NATIONWIDE).

Our FIRST Generation Flash Drive is ONLY $9.99 and comes “preloaded” with a professionally produced “Old School Hip Hop” mixtape

[ CLICK HERE ] for additional details and information on how to support the continued evolution of Thumbjamz

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