Ode To My Eden

Ode to my Eden written on the back of a Chinese takeout menu

Ode to my Eden wherever you may reside my paradise awaits me.

Ode to my Eden where heaven touches the earth, where fantasy is reality.

Ode to my Eden where a ticket costs a dollar and I receive millions, no more worries…

Ode to my Eden where my womb full of wishes and my deepest desires marry to birth my reality, a preconceived perfect pleasure dome this is how grand my life could be

Ode to my Eden where I live in a chateau titled after my own name where those who I adored

and stood in awe and star struck vision now see me eye to eye. “Yes you will know me Prince”

Ode to my Eden where I never lift my own finger because its already been lifted for me.

Ode to my Eden where I dance on soft puffy clouds and hang glide on stars zipping through


Ode to my Eden where my backyard is the beach and its tanned and warm, the sun always shines

bright from above and the cool crystal clear water soothes us.

The Breeze blowing through each strand of my hair…

The Breeze Blowing….

“Blowing? The Damn Fan is on Me!”

“Shut off my alarm I’m going back to bed…”

Devilish Delirium Derived from Demoralizing Duty bound to my soul Dissecting my utter free will.

Its time to go to work, I am a slave to this boredom but Prince will rescue me…

I can feel his music we are one we speak the same language…

All of my clothes are the same color, Ive been wearing them for as long as I can remember

I must comb my hair the exact same way as I did yesterday, I like when its parted in the middle

Today I will do everything the same way as I did yesterday

Everyone will see me as a Deity; I am a superstar chosen along with Prince to lead the human race

We are Messiahs, We are Rock N’ Roll icons, We… ARE LEGENDARY

I must leave it is 6:45, everyday I leave at 6:45 and I walk to the corner where I stand under the

Stop sign for 5 seconds looking both ways then I cross

On the day when we join forces the whole world will awaken to SEE Prince and ME

Two GODS sharing the spot sent to save the human race

At the corner do not make eye contact

They will realize that I am God

I walk with purpose I must get to work

Prince will see my eye…

“Hello sir, I am Prince” extending his hand without loosing eye contact

I will Feel His Presence Purple Rain down upon me

“Sir?” Do I know that man he seems familiar…

Prince’s eyes clinging to my every move

If I didn’t have this shitty job and if society didn’t force me into this life…

Ode to Prince can you not see me standing before you? Buy my Lotto ticket. Prince is my Eden

Ode to my Eden crumpled up, lost reality stamped into my daydreams and fantasies

Ode to my Eden for my life has passed me by