Comunion — Decentralized Organization Collaboration Network


Terrible in world today:

  1. AI、Automation Lead Mass Unemployment Tide;
  2. transaction and innovation costs are too high because of industrials monopoly;
  3. Class solidifies, and the wealth gap has been widening globally.

Root of the problem

A global labor revolution is underway

  1. Digital vagrants and freelancers are becoming new identities of self-employed;
  2. The younger generations’ individual value consciousness has been awakened;
  3. Some influencers have begun trying to work and organizate workers in a new way, let’s find out:

Comunion — decentralized organization collaboration network

Our Solution

Our Vision

Our Mission

Comunion — Next Generation Labor Organization and Trading Network

Product Features:

  1. Organize and operating in the form of decentralized organization
  2. Value-oriented labor trading network and settlement methods
  3. The value of labor force is consistent with the value of capital
  4. Redefining the way how organizations raise funds
  5. Community co-governance, labor force multi-node connection

Target User

Entrepreneurial team

Social organizations

Transnational collaboration orgs


These are not all possible applications of Comunion, its openness means unlimited boundaries, and we look forward YOU to discovering more of its potential!

Comunion Orgs VS Traditional Orgs

Comunion labor force vs Traditional labor force

Token UVU

Detailed rules of UVU Token issuance

Values Supporting System of UVU

UVU’s return on investment

Our Community — Comunion NOW(No Office Worker)

Community name


Community progress

Comunin Developer Team

Project Progress:


Product Routing



Release of official version

Contact US:




The new paradigm of startup digital economic growth ,the DAO collaboration network

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The new paradigm of startup digital economic growth ,the DAO collaboration network

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