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We need access to affordable health care. The majority of Missourians are just a health crisis away from going bankrupt. Over 200,000 Missourians have no access to affordable care. We need an Attorney General who will fight government corruption, enact smart health care policy, and always stand up for our families.

Here’s what I’ll do:

  1. Withdraw Missouri from the lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act. It makes no sense to burn down the plan we have when there is no alternative proposal. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but it’s far better than nothing. It provides protections for folks with preexisting conditions, increases fraud prevention, and expands access to Medicaid for millions of Americans, among providing many other protections. Additionally, we are participating in expensive litigation over issues that were already litigated before the United States Supreme Court. …

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Xavier was across the yard at a friend’s house with his sisters, getting their hair done for the first day of school. He was going to start the 2nd grade. A bright kid who always found an opportunity to take off his shoes and walk barefoot, Xavier was always with his sisters, always smiling. When it was time to go home, Xavier and his two sisters left through the back door, said bye, and started on the few steps into their backyard. …

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Our civil rights are not protected in Missouri. We have a lack of enforcement, and that’s because our Attorney General has failed to start and fully staff a Civil Rights Division.

A Civil Rights Division can fight discrimination in the workplace, in housing, and in places of public accommodation. It can reestablish accountability in our justice system. It can protect workers from abusive employers. It can improve educational opportunities for our children. It can fight the racism and classism that has seized so many of our institutions. It can protect our right to privacy.

Our lack of investment in civil rights enforcement has led us to our current crisis. Public trust in public institutions is low, and our system is breaking down all around us. We must reestablish that trust by making sure our government works for us. …


Elad Gross

Elad is running for Missouri Attorney General to end public corruption and to put our kids at the center of our state’s policy decisions. www.EladGross.org.

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