We need access to affordable health care. The majority of Missourians are just a health crisis away from going bankrupt. Over 200,000 Missourians have no access to affordable care. We need an Attorney General who will fight government corruption, enact smart health care policy, and always stand up for our families.

Here’s what I’ll do:

  1. Withdraw Missouri from the lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act. It makes no sense to burn down the plan we have when there is no alternative proposal. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but it’s far better than nothing. It provides protections for folks with preexisting conditions…

Xavier was across the yard at a friend’s house with his sisters, getting their hair done for the first day of school. He was going to start the 2nd grade. A bright kid who always found an opportunity to take off his shoes and walk barefoot, Xavier was always with his sisters, always smiling. When it was time to go home, Xavier and his two sisters left through the back door, said bye, and started on the few steps into their backyard. At the other end of the alleyway, two men were arguing. The argument got more and more heated…

Our civil rights are not protected in Missouri. We have a lack of enforcement, and that’s because our Attorney General has failed to start and fully staff a Civil Rights Division.

A Civil Rights Division can fight discrimination in the workplace, in housing, and in places of public accommodation. It can reestablish accountability in our justice system. It can protect workers from abusive employers. It can improve educational opportunities for our children. It can fight the racism and classism that has seized so many of our institutions. It can protect our right to privacy.

Our lack of investment in civil…

The makeup of the Attorney General’s Office does not reflect Missouri. That’s true of the wider legal profession too.

The Attorney General’s Office has the opportunity to lead on improving inclusion in our state, especially given the office’s long history of training highly capable attorneys who occupy leadership positions in our courts, law firms, and corporations. Not only is inclusion the right goal, not only is it necessary for the legitimacy of our public institutions, but multiple studies have shown that diverse workplaces are more productive ones. Our biases are harming people and wasting taxpayer money.

America is in crisis…

For the eighth year in a row, Missouri topped the Humane Society’s list as the nation’s puppy mill capital. We have 30 of the top 100 worst puppy mills in the country. The next highest state total is 9. Overall, Missouri houses hundreds of puppy mills that send puppies all over the country.

Many of the identified puppy mills are repeat offenders, meaning that the owners have had run-ins with state or federal inspectors and law enforcement, but they remain open. There are multiple recent cases in Missouri where the Attorney General filed a lawsuit but failed to prevent the…

America’s food supply chain is at risk. Huge corporate concentrated farms are suddenly sounding the alarm. The big threat to America and our health is the lack of safety, especially in massive animal product processing plants.

For years, workers have complained about terrible conditions. In plants throughout the country, workers get little or no time to take breaks, are pushed to wear diapers on the job, and don’t have proper safety equipment.

Missouri recently made the news for a few of these plants. Milan, Missouri, is home to a Smithfield plant. With COVID-19 spreading throughout the world and workers coming…

We desperately need leadership in Missouri. Our state is particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus. Missouri is one of a few states that has refused to expand Medicaid, stranding over 200,000 Missourians without access to affordable care, requiring several rural hospitals to close, and leaving many more in dire financial circumstances.

Missouri has also yet to offer widespread voting by mail and is still governed by outdated voting laws. This leaves our democratic system particularly vulnerable.

And Missouri has divested from our public institutions. …

The Coronavirus outbreak threatens our democracy. Crowd-size restrictions limit how many people can be in a polling place at once, and a lot of folks will choose to stay home rather than risk getting sick, especially as the outbreak escalates. Already, Missouri has moved one election from April to June.

Our democracy must go on. Missouri’s current laws permit emergency mail-in voting right now, and our state officials need to educate the public immediately.

Background on Missouri’s Current Laws

Missouri already has absentee voting. We do not have what’s called “no-excuse” absentee voting. …

State Auditor Nicole Galloway released an audit on the Attorney General’s Office on February 6. The audit found that former Attorney General and now-Senator Josh Hawley used state resources for political purposes.

From the emails included in the audit, it’s clear that the current Attorney General attempted to obstruct the investigation, violated attorney-client privilege, and threatened the Auditor with felony prosecution when she refused to allow him to direct the audit of his office.

This obstruction is an abuse of power.

Legal Analysis

The Attorney General has cited RSMo. 29.200.17 in his threat to prosecute the Auditor for publishing transcripts of interviews…

We have an opportunity to end dark money in Missouri, and you can help by signing the petition to shine a light on our politics.

Last year, I wrote a bill called the “End Dark Money Act.” The bill would ban big, anonymous campaign contributions in Missouri politics. Folks all over Missouri signed on in support.

But dark money’s influence is strong in Missouri. The bill was never debated, our representatives never took a vote, and Missourians didn’t have a chance to finally ban dark money corruption in our state.

The End Dark Money Act is back as House Bill…

Elad Gross

Elad is running for Missouri Attorney General to end public corruption and to put our kids at the center of our state’s policy decisions. www.EladGross.org.

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