Our Plan to Take Back Missouri

By Elad Gross, Candidate for Missouri Attorney General

We have a big opportunity to make our government work for us. The Attorney General can end dark money, prosecute public corruption, and clean up our state.

We can get all of that done. But first, we’ve got a big-money problem to deal with.

Each quarter, candidate campaigns release their financial reports. That just happened this week.

We’re all about transparency, so we not only released our report, we also put out a summary:

Our efforts have been unprecedented in a Missouri Attorney General’s race.

Almost 17,000 miles. 900 donations. 400 volunteers.

We weren’t the only ones to file our reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission. All the other candidates did too. So we looked at the current Attorney General’s report, and goodness was it different!

Despite us having five times the number of donations, we raised much less money. A lot of that is thanks to big-money and corporate donors, and a candidate-connected PAC that is run by the same dark money operatives who ran our former governor’s illegal operation.

We knew this path would be hard, but it’s worth it. We aren’t sitting in some nice banquet hall charging $2,500 per plate. We’re out on the road meeting people and building community.

But how do you fight big money?

Here’s how:

Our plan focuses on building relationships, earning trust, engaging voters, and bringing in more volunteers than ever before. It’s about spending time learning from each other, and convincing Missourians that we need to get our families, our friends, and our neighbors on board to fix our state. It’s about empowering people to truly own this campaign.

In the business world, when folks have an idea, they do a lot of research, test out their ideas, put together a proposal, and pitch it.

We did the same for our democracy. We had an idea, we researched it, we drove all over the state to test it, and here’s our proposal to take back Missouri.

The stakes are high and the opportunity is huge. Will you invest in making sure our home works for us?

Donate today.

Elad is running for Missouri Attorney General to end public corruption and to put our kids at the center of our state’s policy decisions. www.EladGross.org.

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