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First of all, you do not speak for all homeless people. And because you are anonymous, I am not convinced you are who you claim to be. What kind of fool would be “insulted” not to be considered a threat? Do you think most black men take it as a compliment that they are automatically considered threatening? Even when they are unarmed or playing in the park as children? And trust me — middle class white people DO perceive homeless disabled people as a threat. Does that make you feel better? Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but I am not threatened by disabled homeless people. You don’t scare me one bit. Some of the finest people I know are disabled and homeless and tossed onto the street like garbage. It’s horrific. They are harassed for sleeping, resting, sitting, eating, trying to find a private place to urinate - everything. And the police are a primary source of terror and harassment.

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