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You are seriously upset that the religious fanatics who run Gilead didn’t use any transwomen as Handmaids? How would that have worked? Transwomen are male, by definition. A female human being cannot be a transwoman. Ergo, a transwoman could never serve as a baby-producing sperm vessel. Only we “privileged” “cis” women can be oppressed & exploited in this way. Transmen can be, too. Why? Because they are FEMALE. And only for that reason. “Non-binary” males cannot be used as Handmaids. Only non-binary females can be used as Handmaids. Female biology is the oldest & most vicious axis of oppression. Transgender ideology attempts to erase this reality, leaving women’s oppression invisible and more normalized than ever. This is a regressive ideology, and supports a world where women in developing countries are already serving as Handmaids for privileged Western couples (good progressives who use words like “cis” & “non-binary”). Please do not erase the reality that we are a sexually dimorphic species, and that those of us who have XX chromosomes are brutally exploited by those who have XY chromosomes (funny how those XY’s just happen to be in charge of everything). Females are systematically oppressed by males, regardless of self-proclaimed identities. Males can change their pronouns & wear pink, but they can never be used as Handmaids.