Amazon Latest Trick To Convert Your Giftcard/ Egv/ Gift Voucher/ Wallet Balance to your Bank Account. How To Convert Amazon Giftcard/Wallet Balance to Bank Account ? or Transfer Amazon Balance to Bank Account?, these are two big tricky questions all the time. So we at desigyan, finds an ultimate solution to transfer you amazon credit/wallet balance/ egv balance (gift voucher) on your bank account. The best think about this trick is that its very safe to use and its official trick. So you just have to buy a giftcard which will give you whole giftacrd money of to your bank account within few days. This trick can help you to get unlimited amazon wallet / giftcard /egv balance transfer to your bank account. This is First on net exclusive trcik by desigyan team.which will convert all your amazon giftcard balance to cash on your bank account. So take a look of this trick.

Rs.1000 Available


1) First of All, If you have any amazon gift card or egv then redeem it on your amazon account first.

2) Your all money is now on your amazon wallet balance. Now here is the simple trick started.

3) Go To This Amazon Special Page link and Buy Ticket Compliments Max Gift Card from Amazon

Note: Its a prepaid card and Its porwered by mastercard so can be used like a Debit card for online shopping.

4) This Giftcard Minimum Costs Rs.1000 so If You Have lesser Amazon Wallet Balance then Don’t Worry, Add More balance on your amazon wallet because you will get all your amount back.

5) Now Simply Buy The Giftcard and It Will Be Delivered To Your Within Few Days ( According To Amazon Delivery timings )

6) When you receive this gift card you have to activate it ( instructions of activation will be written on the giftcard manual )

7) Activation may take few days, So just wait ( Remember, Patience is the key )

8) After Activation of the card, You are good to go, you can add all giftacard money to your Payment wallet like, SBI Buddy, Oxigen Wallet, Citrus Wallet, Mobikwik, Paytm or Other Online shopping websites.

9) Now thats all folks, Add balance to your SBI Card and Transfer all balance to your bank account.


This Trick Highly Depends On The Availability of The Ticket Compliments Max Giftcard on Store. It will allow you to purchase the gift card with your amazon wallet balance so that you can use that later on online shop or purchase. Desigyan do not take any responsibility of the giftcard seller nor amazon selling methods. Just follow all steps and you will be done typically within 4–5 days.

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