Old Man Shooting Bees

September 20, 2015

Dear Adam and Adrian,

I will not lie — getting old is a terrible, humbling adventure. For over a year, I have been bemoaning the fact that my Galaga prowess disappeared the day after Adrian’s going away party in April of 2014.

April 2014

Does getting a decent score on Galaga, in the grand scheme of things, matter?

no. it. does. not.

But to have something, no matter how minor, taken away from you is an unkind sensation.

Tonight I discovered that the record shop two doors south of my San Fran Airbnb has a Galaga machine. And after a terrible first game, I got it back. It might never ever happen again, but I broke 100,000 points.

September 2015

Thanks for reading this pointless email.

Very sincerely,


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