UX Failures

This UPX link is a broken promise

“A link is a promise,” wrote Kara Pernice. Here’s what a broken promise looks like, courtesy of the Union Pearson Express app:

So far so good…
Very far, so bad …

Feature Creep As Lucky Charms UI

Remember when users had one job to do on Tinder? The app was simple, and it worked.

These days the UI looks like someone spilled a box of Lucky Charms across the bottom of the screen.

Lucky Charms on the left; Yes/No on the right


“We’ve got to deflect calls.”

“But our site isn’t equipped to handle — ”

“I don’t care. Put the URL in bold at the top of the sticker. Bury the toll-free number. We have to push credit card customers to web channel and move the needle in Q4.”

“Okay. Sure.”

Bad Job LinkedIn

LinkedIn contains dozens of terrible UX decisions per square foot. At least this example of yuck made me laugh.

“Incorrect” takes up too much space on mobile — can we shorten it somehow?

Nothing Funny About This UI

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

I want to hand-hold your pointy hand.
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