Gerrys Irwin

348 McMullins Rd



President Branxton Veterans Golf

Branxton golf club

25 Cessnock Rd


Gerrys Irwin not welcome Christmas luncheon:

In your letter it accuses me of abusive comments to vets committee Treasury.

Your inference is totally incorrect, you need to Clarify this by producing Evidence in support of allegations.

This would be impossible to prove as this aligation was based on a private phone call from Jeanette to Audrey, I would request that you obtain all information from her, reveal the reason why Jeanette called her and why she refused Jeanettes request to play at Kurri.

This request due to Sheila wishing for us to play with her, Audley refused all request from Jeanette and I to play, we told her we would pay our way at no cost to the vets, she said oh! we don’t do that.

As Jeanette was crying due to Audrey’s consent unpleasantness and lack of understanding and compassion,I took the phone from Jeanette,telling Audrey that I could not understand why it would not be acceptable for us to pay, she said oh! We don’t do that in a pompous voice I told her her response was unacceptable I then hung the phone up.

I have no recollection of being abusive to her at all.

Sometimes I wonder what motervates people to be selective in their memory.

No mention of Mr Norman Browns outrageous behaviour, caring on like some one possessed, intimidating me,fist in my face pushing,table into my stomach .

Yes even Mr Richard Crooks was sitting directly behind me witnessing the whole thing.(This is the guy who moved motion to have me excluded from luncheon, how pathetic is that?

There are underlying issues between Norm Brown and I , it is odious to me they have used the committee as vehicle to further cause conflict.

Surly the committee is of the knowledge that they cannot as a kangaroo court,depriving me any opportunity to be heard , this is basic right of all human beings.

Please not that it was as late as Thursday that Jeanette. Approached Audrey to endeavour to offer the opportunity to move on, again to no avail.

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