Thursday 15th of October 2015 at approx 1215 hrs Mr Norman Brown approached the table that I was sitting at at in the Branxtion golf club :He said I want to talk to you outside: I said that I did not wish to have conversation with you: He said you swore at my wife: I did not reply.
At this point I called my wife over to table: I said Jeanette please come over here, I want you to whiteness this:
Up on Jeanette’s arrival, Mr Brown clinching his fist as if to punch me, He said that you swore at his wife and you told her to piss off. I said go away Norm. Continuing his attack on me,moving ever closer to me ,with fist clinched pushing table towards Jeanette and I forcing us to adjust our chair, this time his face was screw up with the look of aggression growling and hissing at me. I said go away Norm or I will call the police:
he said call them then, I will tell them that you swore at my wife:
I said sit down and talk it over sensibly ,he said no!
My wife said you are the one who started this with your threat to our
Autistic grandson Jason ,by telling him you would like to get him in a locked cupboard : and you continued pursuit of him ,He said that was a long time ago : My wife said Jason does not forget these things. he said I try to avoid him.
Mr Brown continued with his aggression for some time at one point his fist was in my face at some point one of my golf partners returned to the table when Mr Brown he said I will get you: At this point my golf partner Interjected she said oi oi that is violence.
At this point Mr Brown departed.

Gerald Irwin

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