Why Bitcoin is worth $0 and that’s good for the world
Daniel Mirolli

I feel like I’m completely missing the point all your arguments… They aren’t clear to me, could you help me understand what your trying to say?

I don’t understand why it matters that anonymous trust makes human emotion obsolete? Wouldn’t that be better cause then the markets wouldn’t be as irrational and inefficient? What is the point you are trying to make?

What do you mean bitcoin is like TCP/IP and the consumer shouldn’t have to know what it is? like what is the TCP/IP end application bitcoin will create that people will only see?

  • do you mean the only thing the consumer are gonna see/care about are applications developed with ethereum?
  • or do you mean all people are gonna see and need to know are the mBTC’s in their bitcoin bank wallets?

Is less obtrusive referring to ethereum blockchain applications or as is in bitcoin banks that deal with mBTC?

Your “its just better” paragraph… this isn’t just blockchain stuff, it’s bitcoin too… sending money to their home counties and banking the unbanked is done with bitcoin/blockchain, it’s not blockchain alone.

I love m-pesa too, but someone could create a “bitcoin m pesa” interface/app somewhere else beside kenya, and it could function exactly the same way? just on btc not m-pesa?

Regarding your fiat comment… The value is BTC is not in the math mined numbers… its in the worldwide infrastructure that allows for instant, low fee, decentralized transactions? correct?


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