Educating Attitude

Education is about building character and character is built around attitude.

There is a concept on education that a student is like a sponge and teachers/lecturers will continue feeding the sponge with water. The sponge will absorb the water but do not change its shape. It might get heavier but it still look and behave like a sponge.

This concept is very much evident in conventional learning where teachers put focus on pouring knowledge into students. The problem is, after gaining the knowledge students have to figure out how to use them, and at this stage there do not have any guidance. In the sponge analogy the student will only be burden with knowledge (heavier) but no change is evident for other to see and benefit.

The concept of learning should not be about absorbing knowledge. Learning should be about building the person into the profession that the student will be. If the student want to be an engineer, then the learning process should include on how to be innovative, creative and focuses on problem solving skill. A scientist will have the inquisitive inclination, keen observation and data analysing skill.

Each profession have their unique traits, which should be incalculated during the learning process. In doing so, the person will be ready to bloom or change their attitude after going to the working world.

To start with the student with guidance of teachers should go through these steps:

  1. Obtain the knowledge
  2. Practise the knowledge
  3. Believe in the knowledge
  4. Demonstrate behavior and manners according to knowledge learnt.

The student will complete their education when they are able to demonstrate that they behave in the manner of their knowledge learnt. If teachers is able to do so then, we will see a shift in the education paradigm and the graduates will be better equipped to handle challenges in the real world.

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