How Useful is Twitter



Spreading the Word??

Twitter has been around for awhile now, but has it been the go to for the most recent news? On October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival killed 58 people, this was the most deathly tragedy and I feel twitter is not relaying the right information or views on what really happened. Like was it really just one mass shooter? why did the shooter shot up a country concert? Can someone please start giving the right information . Has twitter changed peoples views on how they see the world? Because some of these views have been dismissed and passed on.

Twitter feels sad, America just witnessed another horrific event and everyone is in tears. In an article called The massacre in Las Vegas resulted in Twitter’s saddest day on record by author Phillip bump, generally Twitter was experiencing some sadness with the tragedy in Vegas, a lot of words were being expressed like, “shooting,” ‘’terrorist,” “victims,” “gun,” and the discussion over those words just brought tears and heartache

While understanding the usefulness of twitter there were stats conducted by Twitter, on the amount of user accounts on the site. However this showed how much the user accounts have grown over the years into the millions. Today in 2017 there are 328 million twitter accounts but does that mean the information being displayed on twitter is still valuable and newsworthy?

Although the overall argument has been on how twitter isn’t news credible, when it comes to relaying the right information to major events, but according to an article on “” called Why Twitter is still the Best place for Breaking News despite its many challenges. By author Quora. This article went into how Twitter has active first- hand sources to break the news and get immediate feedback. From retweets and photos that get other users engaged in what just happened.

Personally twitter has always been my go to. But just recently I asked myself, is the news creditable or right? Throughout the social media world there has been buzz on if this type of news being displayed is “Fake news?” Sadly I’m starting to see why because as that tragedy in Vegas occurred people wanted to know, Who, What, How and Why. Only two of those were answered, there’s still confusion on the How? And the Why? I am slowly uncovering this mystery because twitter might be very active with its users but is it active with the right news?

Twitter keeps people involved on the site engaged. In more ways than one twitter is always active it’s just how useful is the information being displayed and according to an article that’s spoke on how twitter might be bad for them and it’s probably bad for everyone else because you are constantly checking to see if you got a retweet or a like but is that retweet informing someone of something newsworthy?

Through recent studies on the internet I found an article on how Twitter is the 21st century newspaper by Adam Wexler. This went into how the site went through an identity crisis at one point, and now they’re stronger than Facebook. This may be true but how is the news being displayed better? Is it still “fake news”.

Overall the idea of twitter needs a little reconstructing because the news needs a better display and a better outreach so everyone is informed on what’s happening. Yeah twitter might have millions of users but that just means everyone has a voices so anything can be fabricated so someone has to the change the ways twitters’ meant to be used. Let users just comment on what’s happening not change them.

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