Storm clouds riding across a barren sky; the pregnant sea, a silent breeze, telltale signs of high tide. Muddy waters, in crests and troughs, carrying ashore — plastic bottles, polythene wrappers, memories of yore.

Sitting on a slab, head hung high, with beauty by my side. I take note, so does she; questions spring to my mind, into her eyes. “Will you forever stay with me?” I ask, childishly; she does not reply, but grants me a smile.

It is clear in that instant that I cannot hold her back, tie her down with the creeping vines of my disparate desire. “It’s alright. You can go. Just come back to me whenever you think you can.” I tell her, keeping out that shaky quiver that threatens to drown my voice. Again, all she does is smile.

I look away and back at the sea, which is where I had found her, today. The pain struck hard at the base of the heart, when there flashed the thought that with her she would take all the fleeting glee she had brought along. I closed my eyes, when I felt it first; her hand in mine. I did not respond.

She pulled me close, fast against her bosom, and kissed my lips with her flaming tips, sending me head first into an oblivion in which I did not belong. The rumble of thunder, the crack of lightning, a gentle drizzle of magic upon meaningless earth.

It lasted for a lifetime, that moment with her, when beauty was truly mine. I melted, I swooned, I sang, I whooped; I danced a thousand sweet waltzes in the sunshine of my mind. All was lost to me, but the joy of being. For when beauty is yours, it is to her you belong. Not an inch, not an ounce, can be spared for anything without.

Enraptured and exalted, I opened my eyes. A blinding desire to make this my life, to live this to the day I die, took over. I lunged in front, to take in my arms this ethereal beast and wed her to the woes of my days, which she would then dissipate. But, it was the sea blown air, salty and wet, that assaulted my fingertips like a tingle of regret.

She was gone, this beauty, vanished from sight; leaving me darkness, into the light. I sat frozen, for how long I cannot tell; the raindrops lashed down, real and brazen, only to hide the tears that fell.

Once again, she was gone from my life. When I would meet her next, I could not tell. Wait, I will, for that enchanted time, when she will brighten my sun only to further my plight.