Air conditioner

I finally know how to use the bastard.

Tatsuki, the manager of J&F Plaza, where I’m staying, said that if I had questions about how to use the air-con I could just ask. Well, screw that. This was going to be an exercise!

When I first tried it, I pressed a few buttons and it beeped at me but I managed to turn it on. This was good, so that I didn’t freeze in the evenings. After that though, I didn’t want to touch it, for fear of not being able to turn it back to heat.

It took a couple hours of translating to figure out most of the labels, longer than I was hoping. I’ll need to improve my Kanji deciphering technique. Now that I know what the buttons do, it’s seems pretty obvious. Top left: operation switching (heat, cool, auto, etc). Top right: air flow (gale, weak, breeze, auto). Arrows: temperature (of course). Big button in the middle: start/stop (also, of course). Button below: 1 hour timer. Middle right: wind direction. Below that: power choice (?). Below that: timer.

So, I feel better now that I’ve conquered the air conditioner. It’s rewarding doing it myself and hopefully learning something in the process. Luckily it’s the only thing in my room with things written in Japanese. Mainly because my room is bare as knobs.

Next up though is figuring out how to customize my damned wifi router. It works fine, but I can’t change any of the settings, again for fear of breaking something.

Cheers for reading!

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