Everyone has a dream of some kind, weather it’s becoming a famous movie star to falling in love with the perfect person. We all have dreams about the things we want to achieve in life.

Dreams bring us hope when when have none and faith and motivation we are looking for it. Take for example when your a young child in elementary school and your watching “Space Jam” for the first time. Your heart is pounding and your mind is moving a million beats per minute. Dreams bring new ideas and images into our colorless world.

For me the dreams I have are reflected in my lyrics and photography. Each picture I take I hear music and I see words that paint the master piece I’m attempting to create.

I write about my dreams and my loves but it’s never been so easy. When I write it’s never a set list of ideas or themes. It’s the images and music in my head that gives birth to a new song.

Bring my angels from the dreams of so long ago, my heart becomes the first cup of wine at the campfires last dance, kiss the picture and the worn out deck will breathe in the night Emerald glow.”

When I write I let my dreams become one with my soul. It’s the same if a person is becoming an athlete. They will spend many hours in the gym dedicating himself to excellence, pride and above all the passion to achieve the ultimate goal.

Dreams are what make us complete. They give us so many different beautiful things that we cannot imagine on our own. We become greatness and we become an image that is greater then we can imagine.

Through all the trials and turmoil and analyst songs we rise. Moving forward dreaming ever Brighter till the sky is bright for us once again.

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