Robot Rock: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Musicians?
Cortney Harding

As an artist and musician myself the fact that this is plausible made this a little sad to read. Although I do see your points and the possibilities on how music has the chance of being made with A.I. software. Sadly I could see how companies for the purpose of saving money would rather use AI generated music rather than music created by a human. Our place and position within the arts and entertainment area has become tough, and it becomes tougher if people lose the value in paying for art and find it cheaper to pay for something created by an algorithm. If that does happen artists will even have to do a better job to get noticed, so you may hear better music. But I’m afraid you might not hear certain artists who deliver great art but is not the mainstream or popular sound. At the end of the day, the fact that it’s so easy to make music, and have it available on the Internet, hopefully there will always be artists that continue to make music for the art. And hopefully there will be companies that support the art and are not only looking at their balance sheet. Hopefully I’m not hoping for too much.

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