John Wilson

Self Driving Cars Are More Likely To Run You Over, If You Are White Study Suggests

A recent study has suggested that self driving cars are more likely to run over whites and people of color.

This study shows that the AI chip the vehicles are racially biased against people of color and white people who have less melanin.

The study continues to question if robots or AI is racist as well, the answer is yes but can it be dealt with? Of course. An algorithm can deter anti whiteness or bias against whites by simply including all people as black or non white.



AP-NORC poll: Most say blacks treated more fairly by police

Majority of Americans across racial lines say black people are treated more fairly than white people by the police, according to a new study.

It is true that black Americans are not treated equally by the nation’s police forces – far too often they are treated better than members of other races because police are quite racist against those of color and white ethnicity.

America is now at the point where those with black complexions enjoy “black skin privilege.”

A privilege given to blacks that protects them from racism, discrimination, scrutiny, and persecution.



Why English Is A Racist Form of Black Supremacy?

Over the years, English has been a core and major language spoken throughout the world, but it wasn’t introduced in a polite way. It was forced by colonization by black people.

English is an African language that was spoken by black Africans and black Jews who once ruled Europe following the African colonization of Europe, African colonization of Asia, the Americas and worldwide.

Some come to believe English being a racist language spoken by colonizers or black people who once colonized and controlled societies indigenous to themselves. English was forced upon white Europeans and converted white people into slaves stripping of their European identity and culture. English pretty much leaves a legacy of racism and black supremacy.