Do I really have to practice mindfulness with my kids?

The answer is, of course, no. I’m definitely not the kind of parent that goes by strict rules on what I should or shouldn’t do with my child.

I believe that every child, every parent, and every family dinamic is different. Some will have an all natural food pregnancy, others will have a chocolate for breakfast experience(yes, I did). Some mothers will breastfeed, others will bottle feed – and I won’t be getting into this debate this time, as long as the child is getting fed, that’s all we should care about.

So why would I stand here and tell you that you must practice mindfulness with your child or they will turn out to be anxious, depressed and have no success in life? I could never do that, for starters, because it’s not true.

Why Practice Mindfulness

What I can tell you is that, mindfulness is a great practice for adults and children and there’s a great chance it will make your child calmer, which in turn will make you more relaxed. It is backed by research, scientists have been able to prove that mindfulness alters connections in your brain to improve the way we think and feel.

According to the Mindfulness in Schools Project, studies have shown that, when applied to young people, mindfulness “improves their wellbeing, reduces worries, anxiety, stress, reactivity and bad behaviour, improve sleep, self esteem and bring about greater calmness, relaxation, self regulation and awareness”.

I don’t believe mindfulness is the solution to everything, but it can definitely help.

My Final Goal

What I’m trying to achieve with my family is to have a balanced life. And by that I mean, some days we go to the forest and enjoy nature and some days we sit in front of the TV all day because we are too tired/have a bug/are not in the mood to go out.

One thing that would make me really happy is to have people to go on this journey with us, to know that we can help someone with ideas and inspiration to do the same.

So, I’m inviting you into our perfectly imperfect life. To go on a journey of balance between the days we can be our best selves and the days we can’t.

Who’s with me?

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