What Brings Calm

Sitting in the Valencia Oceanarium, for over an hour I stared at the jellyfish. I can’t remember ever feeling so calm. A moment to just be with myself and to think about nothing. How many times can we afford that in the middle of our busy days?

Our lives are so full. Full of social commitments, work responsibilities, trying to catch up with friends, family and everything else on the news and social media. Days can be full of laughter and joy too, but even that can be overwhelming and tiring. I think that, mainly, our lives are overloaded with information.

I was born in 1983, we didn’t have smart phones and wifi back then. We had time to just sit and be with each other. As a child I definitely watched TV, but most of my memories are about being outside, playing, running, getting dirty and playing with dogs.

I can’t imagine how hard life must be for children nowadays. There’s just too much going on. Too much information, too many choices, too many places to be. In my childhood I only ever had to worry about making sure my parents, my sisters, teachers, and my very close friends were happy with who I was and what I did. The new generations have hundreds, if not thousands, looking and judging them on social media. Research shows the increasing amount of time children spend indoors in front of TVs and screens has had a dramatic effect on their mental health. The outdoors are not just good for your body, they are good for your mind too.

Big Little Minds is about how we can help our children to find their happy place in this crazy world. Working together to try ideas on how we can reverse the effects of our modern lifestyle in their mental health and, by doing so, gently lead them to what brings calm.

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