Things have certainly changed on the aspect of parenting & how kids behave once we have passed the new millennium. In the age of information, the conventional method of parenting had altered to a large extent.

Thanks to my parents who pushed us very hard on education, all of us completed a university degree and despite a rough start on our careers, things were indeed better for our kids compared. …

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Let’s start off from the 1970s…

Being a parent to 2 generation Z kids, I am not sure if my parents had things easier raising us up from the 1970s. Maybe we had become soft and more considerate in the new age. Or maybe due to change of lifestyle, new technology and access to better education, parenting had undergone a massive evolution. It is rare when one needs to take up the cane to instil fear into their kids nowadays (in fact parents would be arrested for child abuse these days).

Yes, life very was tough back then — as…

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For those project managers out there, this is an interesting case study of deconstructing Camp Bastion (now known as Camp Shorabak) which was the key British and American forces base in the province of Helmand, Afghanistan and was constructed in several phases starting from 2005 and was formally handed over to the Afghan forces on 26th October 2014.

One of the key points of the Camp Bastion is the airfield which at one point was one of the busiest UK-operated airports and handles 600 aircraft a day. …

(I have always imagined the grand rulers in my dreams to be played by Yul Brynner who also took up the majestic role of a brave, intelligent sovereign in the classic movie King and I. Image source: Pinterest)

Note — this short story of an Old King in a secret forest was expanded from a dream that I had some time ago and was published in another blog of mine.

In the whole country, there is a secret hidden place, hidden away from the masses and only known to certain people in the Government. It is a place where a…

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When I have free time for blogging, I spent most of the time drafting posts for the upcoming publications. It has never been a smooth process considering that I have general ideas but when it comes to the details, I would just stare at the screen contemplating the words to use — to start the post off and then go clueless on what comes next.

The next thing I do when I have free time to revisit my old blog posts, visit other blogs that I follow and if need to, comment on their blog posts, update my Facebook page…

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In these social media days, hardly a day goes by when one will not be in touch with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course, Youtube. Over the years, I have come to rely on video sites for my dose of debates, motivation talks, travels, documentaries, interviews, how-to-do tutorials, comedy, music videos, concerts, movies and other forms of entertainment.

However, over the years, I have come across some types of Youtube videos which I think does not add any values or does not add any sense watching them. …

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It is a short one for this week but it has something that our country (and its good citizen) have been lacking in some areas and should be revisited. It is also something that I have been pondering on a personal basis.

Let me start with a simple case study:-

There is a junction near the housing area where a quiet number of the residents would take to make a u-turn to go to the housing area. Well, that fine as it is quite convenient for the residents. …

WARNING: Cat lovers, walk away right now…you may not like this post. You have been warned!

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One of the joys of moving a new house many years ago was the chance to do up a garden.

It was a joy because we used to stay in apartments which do not enough space for a garden (I mean a proper garden where we can dig in and plant things). So when I had the chance to buy a house of my own, I had great ideas on what I wanted to do with my garden, starting with beautiful carpet grass.


One with the skill of good penmanship, it is said that Year 8 student Prakriti Malla in Nepal has the most beautiful handwriting in the world. Image source:

Some people’s penmanship skills are truly amazing and fine — it defines art at one’s fingertips and beautiful structure of information at the same time. In case, you are not sure about the meaning of penmanship, Merriam-Webster defines it as the art or practice of writing with the pen or quality or style of handwriting

And here are some samples of beautiful cursive writing by those who have great penmanship skills:-

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I was in India visiting a large ancient temple in a remote ancient city

A guide was waiting for us at the temple entrance and from the entrance, I was not able to see the whole temple complex. The guide took us into the temple structure and at the deep end of the structure, there was a small room. We entered the room and noticed a small staircase leading up but I could not see the end of the stairs.

We walked up and we must have walked for almost an hour when we noticed a glimpse of light. We…


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