On the fight against HIV and AIDS—and on the people who really started the conversation.
Hillary Clinton

As a nearly 34-year survivor thriving with HIV, I have been appalled by this whole episode in your campaign, Mrs. Clinton. What started as off-the-cuff remarks to a reporter you’ve known for decades and without someone whispering over your shoulder quickly became a Sandy-sized sh*tstorm, and your first round of attempted apology only deepened the aching wound. Your social media extended team attempted to tamp down the righteous fury… for just enough time for you to personally write this piece?!

While I wouldn’t question the losses which you and your family have suffered due to HIV — adding “and AIDS” really is SO twenty years ago — the episode only furthers my concern about your personal levels of integrity and authenticity. When we say what we mean and mean what we say — and we’re not trying to skirt decency or the law — we don’t need to perform lingu’is’tic gymnastics and get our of a hole of our own creation.

P.S. On the next revision of remarks, please recall that a Black HIV epidemic continues to rage, too. Posting your HIV online under LGBT equality fosters the notion of a “Gay disease” in 2016 when you and your campaign should know better!