A Parallax header for your RecyclerView using a CoordinatorLayour Behavior (Android Development)

The problem that is solved

The architecture of the solution

What is a custom behavior

The ParallaxHeaderBehavior behavior

  • override OnStartNestedScroll to indicate that we wish to receive scroll events for vertical scrolls (otherwise the below methods are not called)
  • overrides OnNestedPreScroll to scroll the header view first (when scrolling down) or scroll the recyclerview first (when scrolling up)
  • override OnNestedFling/OnNestedScroll as flings scroll events are not sent by the CoordinatorLayout. We simply redirect the call to OnNestedPreScroll.
  • override OnLayoutChild in which we add a top padding to the RecyclerView so our header view appears in the blank space left by this padding. Note that i’m also using a SwipeRefreshLayout here, so i moved down the indicator in the same code (with the same padding).

Good luck






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Benjamin Mayrargue

Benjamin Mayrargue


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