A Fork in the Road
Vinny Lingham

Thanks Vinny!

Keep in mind we all pay fees to conduct business today in any other fashion. When you go pay for you coffee with you Visa card the vendor is paying a transaction fee and a percentage in most cases. When you travel to countries like Vietnam and use your credit card the vendor will add in the transaction fee of 3% after you agree on a price. Now that you as a consumer see it you become are frustrated with the occurrence because when it was less congested it was pennies instead of quaters. For $.50–1.00 you can move money globally within minutes and still a luxury for many. Please dont forget to do this in a bank $10–30 dollars, Western Union At least 15.00 , Paypal 2.9 percent, or any other service that currently exists outside of cryto. Adding Seg-Wit and the various other solutions that will come from it will drop the transaction costs by 10–50X which is better for consumers and businesses which can drive adoption faster therefore increasing the overall value of the network and more volume equal more fees.

As Vinny pointed out 2–5BN in free advertising is not something to take lightly. It could be argued that the president of the United States would not have won the election if it was not for the press he received. Dash is showing that with marketing you can drive awareness which drives support. Bitcoin offers more than a payment network but the first and most secure store of value for billions of people to have access to. This is an unprecedented time where access for individuals to store and build wealth for their families, communities and future that is not controlled by an authority. Let keep that in mind that what is at stake is the future of our value that we provide and now can possess with out asking anyone.

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