The MIGHTY Mississippi

Yeah everyone knows that one state that’s DFL on any ranking list. That’s us, good Ol’ Mississippi.

Marijuana legalization could turn that around for the Mighty Mississip’.

I see so much potential for my great state, but I can’t help but to see ignorance in those that are adamantly against marijuana.

That’s fine. You don’t like it so you don’t have to use it.

That’s your choice. (Hell, more for me 😜)

But it’s ironically redundant.

The ‘system’ tries so hard to outlaw it but they cannot, for one simple fact, the demand still exist.

Not only are their efforts in vain, they’re quite costly.

To look at it simply, it goes on whether or not those that govern say nay.

The first atrocity is their ignorance of the demand.

The second is the redundancy in the effort to refute this, which produces senseless violence and needless incarceration.

And the third is the dismissal of the possible positive economic and societal impact.

With this trifecta you would undoubtedly assume resolve, but no.

Continued ignorance.

The tireless effort goes on.

Still, the progression is evident.

We’re heading in the right direction.

I feel as though it’s only a matter of time at this point, but certainly not soon enough.

The benefits far outweigh the repercussions.

So, what’re we waiting for?