Comparison of current & upcoming Crypto Exchanges

As a crypto trader, I am always on the lookout for something new and innovative within the crypto landscape. My recent research on the offerings of prominent exchanges brought to attention an interesting detail; there seems to be no one consolidated ecosystem for all types of trading instruments. Some exchanges are exclusively dedicated to spot trading while some offer only Futures and/or options. Even the exchanges that allow derivatives trading do not provide a wide variety of products to do so.

Another issue is the lack of a advanced and highly customisable trading interface. I have a certain style of trading and there don’t seem to be too many choices available to cater to my needs. Especially with Desktop Applications, something quite common among traditional trading platforms; only Binance offers one at the moment and that too is still basic in its functionality.

I think many will echo this sentiment: the current crypto exchanges leave a lot to be desired. In the chart comparing the various exchanges, it is quite evident that exchanges are very restrictive in what they offer to customers. For someone like me who likes to have his freedom while trading, I got very excited by the prospect of an upcoming exchange called, as they are introducing a complete Ecosystem for Crypto Derivatives.

It is clear from the chart that they are offering numerous advantages over the existing exchanges. I hope they deliver on their promise of bringing a good Desktop Trading Application and Simulator tool, since it will completely change the crypto trading landscape. I find the simulator to be a particularly fascinating aspect of their platform since I, like any experienced trader, can tell how difficult it is for new entrants to the market.

Their project is addressing quite a few issues present in the market and it would be great to see similar solutions developed to diversify the market and exchanges vying to become more accessible and inclusive through their products and services.

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