Face Your Darkness, Lose Your Fear

“He who fears corruption fears life”
 — Saul Alinsky

Currently channeling a lot of anger towards “Mike #2” and Donald Trump and Travis and every other pathetic little man out there has unrepentantly treated anyone this way. These people, our “leaders,” have wrested their positions from honest folks by being the loudest, the cruelest, the meanest, the most dishonest: the worst. They live in fear of their own souls, so they have nothing to lose in this world. They have no honor and they have no code. They are pure, self-interested, Machiavellian evil. They break all the rules, get whatever they want, and suffer no consequences.

But, those consequences will come.

People of goodness respect the code that says that every human has the right to respect and love. They believe it deeply, and because of this belief they will try to be honest, patient, direct, and fair, even when their natures pull them away from these values. They will struggle and they will suffer for their virtue, because although they act Good, they are not Good.

Good people are Good not because they are intrinsically Good, but because they act Good despite their flaws. They have darkness. Everyone has darkness. Some, like “Mike #2,” have stereotypical attitudes. Some, like Donald “Trump” have fantasies of power over the women and men of their desire. Some, like Travis, desire power that they have not earned and glory they do not deserve. They suffer in their honesty because of their desire to lie. They suffer in their virtue because of their desire to do wrong.

Whereas the wicked souls of our world are too cowardly to confront their own evil natures, and so give those natures dominion over them, people of good are bravely willing to admit to themselves: “I think bad things” and “I want to do bad things” and “I want to hurt people” and “I have sexual feelings I’m ashamed of” and “I want to take advantage of weakness.”

People of Goodness live and suffer by a code of Virtue, because their Love is greater than their Fear. They can treat others with dignity and respect precisely because they are willing to face the part of themselves which wishes to use and abuse others. They treat others with honestly precisely because they are willing to face the parts of themselves which want them to lie.

They even often treat those who they see as evil or wrong with this same Love and Respect in the greatest of sacrifices: Compassion.

But know this, you rotten bastards. Your disrespect of that sacrifice represents a limit. There is a line, and when you step across that line we will unleash our fury. Because those feelings that accompany a life of Good — suffering, drudgery, guilt, shame — they are not forgotten; and they will fuel our anger into a maelstrom.

And remember, although we have acted Good, at our cores we are vicious animals just like you.

In the divine words of Michele Obama:

“When they go low, we go high” — Michele Obama
“… but there is a limit” — bigsley