Facebook is Making Us Boring

Required Reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9i2HAE-ZSw

The central thesis of the above video is that we are boring when we don’t discuss our deep, inner truths. We are interesting (if caustic, difficult, complicated, abnormal, etc.) when we say how we really experience the world and what we really think.

The issue with Facebook is the silent unfollow. It allows us to maintain the appearance of friendship, while slowly refining the list of friends who we see posts from to a subset who don’t disturb us too much. Picking up on this, the intelligent Facebook poster will slowly make their own writings, political musings, posts, etc. less disturbing, and consequently more boring.

Imagine if every time you post something interesting 1 of your friends unfollows you. If you’re like me and have ~600 friends, and post frequently, you’ll soon have no one to follow you if you’re posting interesting, thought provoking stuff. Hence, unless you’re stupid, you’ll start dumbing down/smoothing out/normifying your message. One day you notice that you aren’t even posting anything you think is true or real.

I guess that the fact is that some folks always post happy, upbeat, boring crap, get a bunch of likes, and don’t get unfollowed. But, those people are, ultimately, boring. Conversely, some will post what they think, maybe end up with only a small subset of friends still following them, but know that they are their true friends who truly care what they think.

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